It was super, super hot and dusty at the Peace Village Festival in my hometown of Ashland, Oregon where I had a vendor booth, selling and signing 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. It’s August, after all, and we’ve had horrible fires that created horrible, socked-in smoky air. But the powers-that-be gave me a terrific space close enough to a huge willow that I received lovely and regular breezes from and a bit of shade. Under this beautiful tree I set up the ancient healing bowl that I am the Keeper of, with water from the hot springs of the land, and instructions for individuals who walked up to the bowl to do their own private water ritual. I loved that. It was all perfect.

Because this was a music festival with a ton of vendor booths, I couldn’t just kick back in the booth and wait for people to come to me. I took my infamous clipboard to the dirt path to gather email addresses of interested parties and ask women this: “Do you track your cycle and do you have any interest in knowing more about the wisdom of its blueprint?”, For the guys, “Are you in a relationship and would you like to know more about how a woman’s sex drive works by knowing more about her cycle?”

You’d think those questions (and me with a clipboard) would make people run. I was shocked at how quickly these mostly-young people engaged. The topic was right there in the forefront of the women’s minds and they had no problem launching right into their cycle woes. I heard the same story over and over again, only with different details. I discovered that the biggest problem the women face these days is the irregularity of their cycle due to former birth control pill usage, yet we all agreed that reliable contraception is crucial for preventing unwanted pregnancy. My answer is always the same: Try getting the physical cycle on track by first getting it on track mentally. Hence, the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach. With the banners I had encircled the inside of the canopy with, I would visually show them the way to wrap their minds around their cycles in a more positive, enlightened, and cohesive way.

I showed them how the guidance of the female cycle blueprint would not only tell them when they had to rest well (or communicate, connect, lead, or process) in order to have a smoother experience, but it would ask them to look at the choices they are making in regard to romantic partners or bringing forth their authentic gifts. It has them looking at the sacredness of their being and the importance of valuing themselves. The female cycle blueprint helps a woman align with her core power, which ultimately, is the medicine the female gender must offer to heal the planet’s challenges. It’s big stuff.

Talking to people one-on-one over holding a workshop for many was a challenge. However, I enjoyed the general vibe of the festival and this casual setting lent itself to intimate and real discussions with so many people. Hanging-out time allows individuals to have the space to speak from his or her heart more clearly about their vulnerabilities and challenges. I enjoyed the fact that people felt comfortable enough to grab a chair.  It was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. They seemed hungry to talk with someone about this topic.

The wisdom of the female cycle blueprint is new information for most, even for those who have been tracking their fertility for a long time, as well as the beauties who follow the Goddess traditions and do the Red Tent events and all that. One thing is clear: Women need it and so do the men who love them.  The female cycle blueprint is an internal navigation system for more than just fertility. It’s a sacred and ancient feminine compass for living life fully, optimally, powerfully, and in harmony with the men in our lives and our planet.