To Cycle or Not Cycle with the Moon? That is Today’s Question


This comes from the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks Free Cycle-Tracking Group:

How common or relevant is it to have your cycle days in synch with the moon days? I’m 6 days apart and am hoping for a time when I’m all lined up.


Here’s the deal, Ladies: The moon is a complex subject because there are two different ways to calculate the moon’s rhythm: the moon’s actual cycle for one full orbit is one, and how we see the light of the moon, which is one full orbit and then a bit more past its original point (because the Earth is orbiting too), is the 2nd way.

The standard, average, healthy female cycle appears to mimic the actual orbit of the moon, which is 28 days. But the way we experience the light of the moon is every 29.5 days (new moon to new moon). There are other things at play too, such as orbits changing and adjusting over time. So, if you’re a bleeding woman and trying to sync with the moon, I think you’re adding extra effort that will most likely be futile over a year’s time because your timing will move a bit each month until you’re finally at the full moon instead of the new moon. Certainly bleeding during the dark time and ovulating during the bright time supports the energy of the phases, so it is wonderful and ideal when you land on those. But I say, just take that as a gift when it happens. If you’re consistently cycling with the actual moon, then you’re cycling at a 29.5 day month on average, which is fine, just know that this is how you roll.

My opinion and suggestion: If having a healthy, consistently regular cycle is the goal, then keep your focus on getting your own moon phases balanced. You are the sacred geometric model of the moon and your body knows what it needs to do, it just needs for you to cooperate. Focus on YOUR rhythm, rather than Her’s (the moon, the one in the sky). She’s the model for it, like the mama bear who’s trying to show her babies how to be a bear. The moon is showing us how to be a moon. You are your own, independent moon, enhancing the energy of this physical planet with your feminine rhythm and rhythmic wisdom of light and dark! You’re teaching the world how to rest, how to take action, how to stand in your truth, and how to walk in chaos!

The world needs for you to find that consistent balance, and 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is truly trying to help you to tap into that golden thread within that knows where that balance is. Find the rhythmic balance within and you’ll walk as the beautiful and healthy moon that you are, influencing all who/that are near you in positive ways.

~ Suz xoxo