The ManGuide

The book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) has information for men as well. By learning about the four phases of the female monthly rhythm, you’ll begin to see how you can better co-create the relationship you’ve always desired. And by better understanding how the well-rounded viewpoint of women is crucially needed in all decision-making for the good of society and our planet, I’m hoping you’ll be one of the many men who step up to protect the rights of women globally. We need you.

I begin the process of including you in the very private world of female monthly cycles by talking about sex.

And no, I don’t want to stereotype. And yes, women are far more than sexual beings. I am highly against the sexual objectification of women. I just want to reach you by talking about how this cycle applies to you. When you understand the rhythmic sex drive of the woman you are with and have a desire to synchronize with it, your relationship will most likely improve greatly by being a whole lot more fun and connected for both, allowing resentment to fade.

There is a chapter for you at the end of each “Seasonal” week of the cycle to support you in being successful at supporting your sweetheart. I give you archetypes to relate to.

Prior to that, there is a chapter called “Primal Rhythms” that should be an eye-opener regarding how the sexual body of the female works.

And then read anything else that draws you in, of course.

My intention is to create a world where men and women like each other and live in harmony, respecting our differences and celebrating how many more things we have in common.

I find that men who are willing to learn this 4s4w information are feeling more positive about their relationships and women in general, respecting them more, and protecting them in the world.