Summertime: It’s all about staying cool.

Staying cool = staying in alignment.

The main thing I’ve learned about this summer is that it is hard to get people in the same place at the same time . Everyone is busy going this way and that. It’s not a great time to begin teaching a big course, but good for short, live workshops, so I continue to adjust and go with the rhythm that seems to align best. After all, this is what I teach about natural rhythms, and especially about the “Summer” week, which I call “The Fire Walk”. This is what 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is about! When we go against the natural flow of energy, we find ourselves stressed out and not knowing why. Better to know what our choices are and how to implement them.

If you’re new to my work or like to have reminders: What I do is demystify the female lunar rhythm (aka, the female cycle) —or her monthly hormonal blueprint—for women, men, and girls (the boys will learn through these other three for now). I have a very specific practice that breaks down the approximate 28 days of the month into 4 guided weeks that I identify with fall, winter, spring, and summer, as well as the moon phases. These 4 phases have different energies to them and tools we can use for them to provide balance and alignment. I’ve discovered that this is a remarkable naviagational system within each woman, that stays even beyond menopause. When women can detect and align with these energies, everything, and I mean everything in her life improves.

Week 4 of the female lunar rhythm identifies with summer because it can feel like the hottest day of the year— the time when people are too hot to be bothered and tempers have short fuses. Sometimes we’d rather just take-on certain tasks on our own.

Just like staying cool in the summer by drinking water or swimming in it, a female needs to know what tools she has available to keep her in comfortable alignment as her body disassembles her uterine lining beneath the surface. The building and taking down of this uterine lining is a radical process! I’m surprised women do as well as they do. When she is mindful of what is actually happening and what she can do about it, with practice, her summer week can go from being hot and irritable to feeling like a nice day at the beach. The book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks goes into more depth about this. Upcoming online courses will address this in a richer way.