by Guest Teen Blogger, Audrey Anastasia Allen                          


See, I disagree.  Anyone can see it. Doesn’t have to be a man.

It could be another woman.
Also, it shouldn’t take a romantic partner telling you that you are beautiful for you to feel beautiful.
I mean, we are all guilty of thoughts like “I’m not pretty (handsome).” “I’m not as pretty (handsome) as that person.” And it isn’t limited to that thought. Which is the super sad part.
Any adjective can replace “pretty”.
Not as smart.
Not as cool.
Not as creative.
It goes on. I wish we were all taught to love ourselves and be comfortable with who we are from the very beginning.
I’m not saying that some weren’t taught by parents, family members, or others in their lives.
I’m saying that society should really have been teaching us that we’re all beautiful.
Because no matter what parents or family members or friends say, there is that part that comes with living in the world: the judgment of other humans.

It takes a toll.

Even if you are the single most self-confident person in the universe, if you are anything that varies from the widely accepted and sought-after image of “beauty”, you catch that pain. Maybe less than others. Maybe a lot less. But that comes with confidence.

And I wish it wasn’t that way.

I wish the spray-tanned, airbrushed, teeth whitened, eyes brightened, photoshopped notion of beauty didn’t exist. I’m talking about the super-publicized version. The “socially accepted” version. The doctored photos in magazines and such.

I am realizing that this is getting long. And I have so many more points to make.
But honestly.
Why doesn’t society use its influence for good?

We are all beautiful, okay?
We really are.
And no one is more beautiful than You.
See what I’m saying? There is not a rating. Because any person ever who reads this will read “you” as themselves. So no single person is more beautiful than another person.
We are all one in our beauty. Connected.
I’m not even referring to physical appearance, now.
I’m talking about our souls.

You have a beautiful soul.

And I really, really hope that it doesn’t take another’s opinion to make you believe that.
Go out and be beautiful. Because that is what you are.
You are a breathtaking gathering of all things divine.

And you deserve to know that indefinitely.

Audrey Anastasia Allen is a teen advocate for 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks. She created her high school senior project around 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, and was the first to create a tracking circle based on the book. Audrey lives in Southern Oregon.