Mary teaches us that even the everyday girl is a sacred vessel. There is no lesson for us and no point to her part in the story if we put her on a pedestal. Mary represents all women as Divine Mothers and Joseph represents all men as Sacred Protectors (not dominators).

In spite of  having many hardships and doors shut in their faces by the Inn Keepers (symbolic for those who defend war, excessive competition, bigotry, poverty, hunger, and homelessness), she delivers the Prince of Peace in a stable. The story shows us that anything is possible when we women accept the sacred wisdom that has been implanted in us, not as bearers of children but of unconditional love, asking us to step forward to deliver Peace on Earth.

The three Wisemen tell us that when we all follow the inner compass of our pure and clear hearts—our super nova or guiding star—we will find peace and unconditional love no matter how far-fetched the idea seems or no matter how far from it our minds are. The message I get from the story of the Nativity is that with the divinity and deliverance of women, the support and protection from men, and the courage of both, Peace will prevail.