I had a dream last night that I was the speaker and facilitator at an event. I had gone in earlier to set up the music which I would activate just before launching into each segment of my talk or activity. I would begin talking at a specific time in the music.

What happened though, is that someone else came in and hit the "play" button before I was ready to begin.  It threw me off and I walked over, stopped the music, and had to mess with the system to reset it. It was awkward and it might have been better for everyone involved if I had just moved with it, but I knew that I’d be off-kilter, so I did it my way.

Really, it was my "fault" to begin with. I made sure I was "set-up" but failed to communicate my plan or wishes to others.

Most of the time, if I’m mindful, I can make things happen for myself by thinking things through and considering how others fit into the picture. No victims here. When things don’t go my way, it’s important that I back up to figure out what I could have done differently so that I am successful the next time.

Being mindful is what our monthly female rhythm helps us to do. If we understand how to read our own unique blueprint and use it as a guide, this "heads-up" will help us to make decisions that we won’t regret later. It helps us to know when we’re super clear, and when we’re a little fuzzier and need to take another moment to stop and think.

One of the main things I’ve learned so far in my life is that no one is going to make my life happen for me – I’m the only one who can do it. Staying on top of my health and keeping my brain sharp is crucial to having the energy and confidence to manifest my dreams.

Mindful living takes, well, mindfullness; attentiveness to ME so that I can make the proper decisions for my life and those who depend on me for leadership.