My pal, Lou, at RoCo (Roasting Company) told me a few mornings ago that I needed to be documenting the life of an author who is trying to make it. Or more accurately, make a living at it. He was already here at the coffeehouse when I got here about 7:15 this morning. I grabbed the table next to him, which was a score because it has an electrical outlet should I need to plug in.

The reason that I was here at 7:15 instead of about 11 am was because I had a noon eastern time deadline, which meant 9 am pacific time for me. Lou asked me what I was up to and I showed him my list of media program producers for television, radio, and magazines that I would be pitching to in New York next week. I had a 78 page pdf with their profiles. My assignment was to choose 40-60 who I’d like to meet and put them in the order of importance.

There will be anywhere from 80-100 of us from what I understand, who are pitching our stuff to over 100 media outlets, including freelance writers.

The View is my first choice, and The Today Show is my second. Somewhere in my top 10 is a freelancer who writes for Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan.

Since I’m new, I may only make connections at this point. Or I may get some gigs. I’ll spend 4 days doing 30-second pitches to these major league players.

Wish me luck. Or better than that, precise pitching. Thanks in advance.