Last night a mountain lion suddenly walked right into the middle of a dream I was having. I don’t remember the rest of the dream, but the cougar and its powerful presence has stayed with me all day. So of course (if you know me), I looked up “mountain lion medicine”.

My inner-indigenous does her best to see and acknowledge the symbolic teachings presented in the form of messengers, coincidences, and turning points. It makes no difference to me whether they come to me from the Great Outer Dimension handing this guidance to me on a silver platter, or an ancient ancestor surfacing from my DNA, or whether it comes from my focused brain scanning the landscape while open to clues, connecting to the good and the potential and the manifestations as I walk my own Heroine’s Journey. Life requires the courage to be brave and bravery to be courageous.

My minutes and hours and days are mostly consumed by staying embodied in the meaningful messages of my work, yet there is a practical end to this gig. Sifting through the plethora of online marketing option bombardment over the years has felt like walking through quicksand (please don’t leave any marketing suggestions on this post!). It’s a slower and more stressful road, yet I’m determined to only go with the few marketing paths that resonate in order to honor the work and it’s readers.

Enter, the gifts of the Mountain Lion.


…Mountain Lion totem guides and teaches us that we must find our own way, be true to our own heart—our own journey of discovery, our own “space” of identity despite the difficulty along the way, or the time one must spend alone developing inner power and strength to embrace this path—this rite of passage to true freedom

…Mountain Lion teaches us about having the patience to develop our personal power and vision

… Mountain Lion roams far and wide…his boundaries are clear. No Mountain Lion is to enter the domain of another. Each must find his own space, and the journey may be very long getting there.

…. Mountain Lion shows the need to stay on course and maintain the quest. This is strong totem medicine

….the Mountain Lion is connected to the land and a great teacher of cycles and rebirth.

Aho to that.


WHAT ANIMAL HAS CROSSED YOUR PATH OR ENTERED YOUR SPACE LATELY? Try looking up its medicine~it’s message for you.

~ Suz