Suzanne Mathis McQueen

Hello and Welcome! 

Thank you for stopping by.  I’ve had several people ask me to write a personal piece about myself on the website in addition to having a bio, so I’ll do my best to speak from my heart and tell it the way I know and feel it. Here goes:

I’m an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator. I’m a mom, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, lover, mentor, and friend. I gravitate toward living in artist communities because I love the variations of beauty that surround me in these places, environmentally, artistically, and socially. Pretty much my favorite things to do are write, create art, hike in the woods, facilitate workshops and talking circles, spend time with loved ones, laugh a ton, and dance. I love many different types of music.

Philosophically, I am drawn to indigenous teachings because they are most in alignment with the natural rhythms of the universe, and those rhythms reflect the direct voice and manifestation of the Source of all. Unconditional love is my religion and pure foundation of my design. It doesn’t mean I’m good at it, it means that I aspire to it and defer to it always. It’s the tool I go to when I need it most—when my attitude needs major adjusting, I feel hurt or offended, and it feels impossible to be loving. What would love do? Where is the love in the situation without compromising my entire being?

I truly do love people and am truly interested in knowing what each person’s gift is, as well as doing what I can to help them to discover or uncover that gift if they are struggling to identify it. I find that when people know their purpose, love replaces fear. I have many people who mentor me as well for the same reason. I thrive on hearing what people’s passions are and am deeply bored with negativity and arguing-to-conquer, rather than discussing and debating to find a new solution.

I am a Messenger of the Feminine Mysteries; a Keeper of the Lost and Re-emerging Culture; a Carrier of a Sacred Medicine.

I’m a pilgrim who seeks natural order and spiritual alignment in business, love, politics, and health; an explorer of inner-indigenous natures and outer connections to all; a bridge between worlds for myself; of modern ways and timeless practices; of mainstream and alternative. I’m interested in the potential of our minds and the ancestral wisdom in our blood.

Suzanne Mathis McQueenI’m a Mama Bear who expects, declares, and claims no less than a Goddess status for women—of royalty, respect, and rule; I call on the women to recognize and reclaim self-respect and personal boundaries as often as possible in order to raise the vibration of the global consciousness; I call on the men to shed what hurts themselves and others; to step into their higher Masculine to rightfully protect, honor, and co-lead; to deeply feel, receive, and absorb the love that is around them and that they deserve, and to take action from that place. And when in that place…

I call out to them, SHOUT OUT to them individually and as a gender, to see, fix, and stop the dysfunctional cycles of domestic and sexual violence, sex trafficking, rape or coercion on porn sites, and verbal and social misogyny that keep our human communities and personal relationships from thriving in harmony, health, and well-being. I express my deepest gratitude to the many, many Peaceful Warriors, my brothers, for speaking out and doing what they can, while also asking the quiet ones to step forward with courage, out of the shadows of silence. I desire a world where everyone does their best to show up everyday, not with a perfect past, but with a present and intentional heart, and the mindfulness to know that every second, every decision, is a new spark of creating the future.

 I call myself a Sacred Feminist. 

Not only is it my human right to steward the environment of my own body, it is my divine responsibility to protect it from others who wish to control it.

My sacred womb is the powerful and solid foundation of my entire female essence, its brilliant, ruling wisdom is my calling and contribution to the fabric of our societal and environmental world. For many women, the physical womb is no longer or never has been present in its full manifestation, but the symbolic or former space, is. Its ancient lunar-rhythmic knowing and ways are the medicines I, and all other women, must now remember, awaken, and bring to the planet to facilitate a profound healing of all systems.

Like you perhaps, I’m called to build a new model of peace; one of love-consciousness, balance-of-power, and safety for all; of joyful co-habitation on this Earth planet we share.

Thanks and Love for hearing my voice,


(or Suz, which is pronouced: Sooz)