Decoding the 28-Day Female Body Clock for Health, Business, & Love

Private Coaching/Personal Guidance

Private Coaching/Personal Guidance 

Art by Damian Fulton

It’s all about YOU.

Have you ever worked 1-on-1 with someone to move beyond challenges and enhance your best features in order to truly like who you are, love the people around you, and enjoy the life you’re living while you move into the one you’ve always dreamed of?

Imagine having a guide who is actually listening to you, grasping the bigger picture that is going on in your head, and helping you to prioritize and organize those ideas in the most positive way, rather than allowing those same ideas to overrun and overwhelm you, keeping you frozen and from making progress.

How would it feel to know that there is someone giving you their undivided attention and seeing the genius inside? Would you feel more secure knowing that you have a support person in place who is there to bounce things off of until you can trust your own way of handling certain areas in your life?

For instance, you may be a brilliant brain surgeon, but your communication skills could use work, or perhaps your marriage is a disaster.

Would you like to feel understood by those who matter the most to you? Perhaps you’d simply like to experience more. More love, more fun, more affection, more money, more ease, more intelligence, more beauty, more recognition, more success, more caring, more kindness, more of who you were as a kid, more of who you actually are.

What is it costing you to keep doing things the way you are doing them and not moving forward? 

>>Whether it’s career, health, relationships, or self,  I truly love the process of helping people make progress toward liking who they are and loving what they do, or in the very least, busting through some obstacles that are causing trouble at home or work.

I meet with women, men, and couples.

I also work with female athletes to use the fuel of their monthly hormonal cycle for reaching maximum peak performance in a way that supports their health.

I design all sessions to leave you feeling positive, empowered, inspired, honored, and full of energy.

I use many tools to support your progress. If you’re female, at some point I’ll show you how to use the sequence of your lunar rhythm (cycling or not) to fuel your daily decisions and your sessions might be designed around it. For couples, I’ll use the same approach in order to synchronize with the rhythmic sex drive of the woman. I also use a business system I developed for helping you to dive deeper into your authenticity. I have an extensive treasure chest of techniques that will help us bring out the best of you and your desires.

Are you:

  • an executive or other high profile person who needs to maintain a graceful composure and power in the spotlight, yet are having trouble connecting in a positive way with those you work with? Or perhaps you are feeling vulnerable personally, organizationally, or socially?
  • surrounded by loving people but no one really knows what your gifts are or what you really do?
  • in a relationship that has plateaued into a daily routine of being in a challenged state?
  • empowered but lost?
  • lonely?
  • misunderstood?
  • bored?
  • feeling invisible?
  • unhappy but don’t know why?

If you’re serious about moving forward in your growth, money isn’t your challenge, and you’re willing to financially invest in yourself, please consider private sessions with me.

Because I write, create products, have speaking engagements, hold group coaching circles, and attend conferences for my own continuing growth, my 1-on-1 session availability is limited to only a few people a year who commit to minimally, 6-months of coaching.

Contact me at to find out if I have room at this time. I would love to work with you!

>>>>Please begin by scheduling a FREE 90-minute Discovery Session to let me show you how much progress we can make in short order. Together we can decide whether to proceed with coaching. Go here: , to let me know you’d like a session, and I’ll send you my online scheduler.

I look forward to it!

Thank you! I look forward to working with you. 


Our listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts within another person. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen