About the Author

Suzanne-038D S uzanne Mathis McQueen never imagined she would be promoting the virtues of the female hormones as a means to reach equality, well-being, and enlightenment. However, that is exactly what she is doing. McQueen’s book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, reveals a hidden treasure map that leads to long-forgotten core female power and wisdom.

When Suzanne was a hairdresser and day spa owner, she came to appreciate the personal stories her clients and friends shared with her, deepening her resolve to participate more fully in finding solutions to the varied and intimate challenges of her gender. Eventually, a personal journey and an awakening revealed the secrets of the feminine rhythm, introducing her to the ancient code within women and the guidance and support it brings to their daily experiences.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Suzanne owned two salons before building The Phoenix, an award-winning day spa in Ashland, Oregon, while also co-founding a private aesthetics and skin care licensing institute. It was during this time of having 30 employees that Suzanne honed her skills and developed tight operational systems for creating stellar customer service, smooth client experiences, and an enjoyable workplace environment with staff harmony. After selling her business as a profitable turnkey operation in 2003, she took a break, consulted businesses, facilitated women’s talking circles, led water ceremonies, and began writing. She published 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks in 2012.

McQueen is a reproductive rights protector and activist dedicated to changing the way the world views women by changing the way women view themselves. She believes the key to achieving this is by moving females from loathing to loving their female hormones and womb wisdom—replacing the negative narrative passed down through the generations about women and their cycles to aligning with one’s empowering hormonal sequence and body clock as a daily practice.  After all, we can’t protect what we do not love! Feeling that this is the missing piece to our gender empowerment, sovereignty, and equality, her passion is teaching women and girls, individually or in groups, about their personal visions and gifts, why they must know themselves better, what they deserve, and how they must change the world for the better.

She is a past president of Women Entrepreneurs of (Southern) Oregon and a former mentor for Southern Oregon Women’s Access to Credit. She lives in Ashland, Oregon.