At my house, I serve the Thanksgiving meal the day before. That’s because I have extended family members who have extended family members to eat with, and when we have two Thanksgiving Days in a row everyone gets what they want. Each year is a creative exercise in organizing who is going to be where and on what day. Perhaps it sounds gluttonous, but I see it as sort of a 2-day family festival. It’s quite sweet and lovely, factoring in that this comprises of former spouses and in-laws and kids who (bless us all) have figured out how to get along just fine and more than that, enjoy each other’s company. Add solo friends to the mix who don’t necessarily know anyone and the dynamic becomes fresh and curiously interesting.

It was one year ago today, on this same day before Thanksgiving, that my book,4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) arrived at my doorstep, or more truthfully, the sidewalk. My driveway is steep, so the cargo truck couldn’t drop the very large mounds of well-bound-by-stretch-wrapped palettes of boxes in my garage, which we hadn’t figured on. I can’t remember how many boxes 5,000 books and journals make up, but each box was carried by my son, Ian, my daughter, Myan, and me up the driveway. Added to the complexity was that the journal and main book came in two ever-so-slightly, different size boxes which made it hard to just pile on top of each other without thought. We had to hurry to get them into the garage because it was starting to rain. We were dressed for Thanksgiving, not hauling heavy boxes of books in the drizzle and impending downpour.

Soon after, our guests arrived and we sat down in gratitude. I passed out books as if they were hors d’oeuvres. It took 7 years to write that book, and we marveled that this labor of love was now in the physical. I’m not sure any of us thought it would actually happen. And the baby was beautiful.

My mother fell ill at that time and passed away three weeks later, so I didn’t go gangbusters at marketing it, although it began to sell anyway. I had an amazing book launch party in Ashland which gave me hope. I stayed consistent with the basics of selling it while the quick responders, from all over the world, were rapidly stepping forward. By the time I had my mojo aligned to get back into the business end of things (which really took months), the slower but steady pace proved to be perfect. By spending the time to observe and allow the process to unfold, I now have a much better idea of who needs the 4s4w information first and why, how it is very different from books on the same topic, as well as how it might be delivered and heard best.

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is a series and becoming a movement. There will be many offshoots from the main book, as well as workshops and retreats—all in the making as we speak. This year brought some heartwarming speaking engagements & radio interviews and my 2014 calendar is shaping up nicely with many more invitations.

On this Thanksgiving week, please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. From speaking with the women whom this work resonates, it is a movement worth encouraging. They are feeling informed, aligned, and in-charge of their happiness, which equates to core power, confidence, and courage. Health, relationships, and money issues are beginning to feel solvable and balanced; lighter. Radical shifts toward inner-peace and outer harmony are being made in women’s and couple’s lives.
In a future blog, I’ll discuss the power of what I call, “the Female Way”, and how the lost language of the ancient feminine culture holds a powerful wisdom that is greatly needed at this time for all. This is the work of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks and why it rings true for so many.

Love and Thanks,


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