Don’t Be Duped by an App

My friend and colleague, Sarah Bly, Fertility Awareness Expert, has written a terrific post about the major problems with cycle tracking apps.

I’m so glad she wrote this. I am in the process of designing an app for tracking by the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (#4s4w) approach which will help women with knowing which phase they are in in order to better relate to and utilize their hormones for optimal life experience.

I began using one of the apps on the market since so many of my readers use them. What I discovered shocked me: I became more and more DISCONNECTED from my natural rhythm. It is flat out more powerful to document each day by hand than inputting your period day in an app and letting it do the walking and talking.

But if you’re tracking for fertility or especially contraception, then PLEASE READ! You really don’t want to get pregnant because your phone app didn’t have your fertile zone correct.

Love and thanks,