Decoding the 28-Day Female Body Clock for Health, Business, & Love

Moon Temples


Moon Temples

Moon Temples are 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) cycle-tracking circles and trainings facilitated by Suzanne or a 4s4w certified trainer. (Want to create a circle yourself? See below). It’s all about being part of a world community of women who are remembering and embracing the primal wisdom within; the completely positive female way of viewing your rhythmic body. When you begin to see how your body follows the phases of the moon and the seasons of the sun each and every month, you’ll begin to see how one phase prepares for the next and how easy it is to predict how you will feel from one day to the next.

Your monthly hormonal rhythm serves an amazing internal navigational system which guides you through a predictable sequence, enabling you to know exactly how to best make optimal daily decisions for health, business, relationships, and society, even beyond menopause. By tracking your cycle for reasons beyond fertility—on your own or together with other women—you’ll begin to marvel at the accuracy of this daily practice.

Joining a Moon Temple is the beginning to your long-awaited Homecoming.
Honor   ~   Self-Knowledge   ~   Clarity   ~   Time to Yourself   ~   Direction