Decoding the 28-Day Female Body Clock for Health, Business, & Love

"You do not have mood swings.
You are lunar rhythmic."

— Suzanne McQueen, Red Tent Global Summit, February 2015


Your Inner-Knowing Beckons & Awaits You.

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (4s4w) is a symbolic journey through the 28 days of the female hormonal experience. It reveals a logical, holistic, and predictable blueprint for feeling great on a regular basis, communicating well, making your best decisions, and knowing what to do when life gets overwhelming—a remarkable navigational system that can be tapped into throughout a woman’s lifetime, even beyond menopause.

By breaking down the cycle into 4 guided weeks, showing how each week prepares for the next, women all over the world are quickly getting the hang of detecting and aligning with what their primal bodies already know—the monthly lunar rhythm encoded within their own feminine design. It’s not rocket science and it’s no mystery. It's sacred geometry—a natural rhythm that mimics all other natural rhythms in the universe.

It’s what I believe women used to understand well and help each other with before they lost their language and culture to patriarchy. It's the source of female instincts, hormone intelligence, and core power. I feel strongly that reclaiming, living by, and loving this approximate "28-day female body clock"—the natural rhythm that regulates our womb wisdom—is the needed missing piece to our true gender empowerment and personal sovereignty.

By tracking your natural rhythm for reasons beyond fertility (cycling women begin with their periods and non-cycling begin with the new moon) you’ll begin to undo and drop the negativity that society has programmed you to believe about your female body and ways, while allowing your core feminine intelligence and ruling wisdom to surface.

~ Suzanne

Do you hear the calling?

You: The Goddess of Beauty and Brains

  • Look phenomenal and feel great on a consistent basis
  • Make optimal decisions and connect well with others by knowing what tools to bring in for comfort and balance
  • Feel good about how you handle situations
  • Stand in and speak from your intellectual brilliance
  • Access the innate wisdom of your powerful feminine lineage
  • Get rid of the idea of PMS and replace with know-how
  • Recognize the varied rhythm of your sexuality
  • Feel understood by your partner
  • Luxuriate in your sensuous nature
  • Honor yourself by protecting your sacred temple
  • Realize the power of saying NO to no-good
  • Realize the power of saying YES to your dreams
  • Maintain pleasure, happiness, and confidence
  • Develop quick tools for rebalancing when you're feeling off
  • Dare to be who you really are without fear of what other’s think
  • Be smart and skilled at navigating your life


  Tracking your cycle by the 4s4w practice is an entirely different approach to addressing your female hormones.  

This personal guidance system helps you make mindful decisions about the things that matter to you: your health, your family/community, your business, your finances, your sexuality, and global conditions.

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